Sunday, March 25, 2007

25 March 2007

So, Jim and I were scurrying around with our normal mixture of anxiety and
confusion about what to do with ourselves on a beautiful Sunday
afternoon. Spring started last week, but it already reached over 90
degrees today! Too beautiful to stay indoors but too hot and too much
pollen to go outside...

Trapped on the sabbath!

I really love cooking (fixin')
Sunday night dinners. It's the perfect antidote to calm my Southern
nerves on the most confusing day of the week! So I thought, why not
create a blog to document my Sunday night meals for posterity? I asked
Blatantly Blogging Jim, and he thought it was a good idea – just as
long as I created a new blog and did not mess with his...

Now, here are the photos of the very first post on "Bill's Sunday Night Dinners!"

The menu:

• High Temp Roasted Chicken with Crispy Skin
• Roasted Potatoes with Chicken Pan Drippings
• Sauteed Green Beans with Butter and Garlic
• Walnut and Sunflower Seed Whole Grain Bread
• "Hotted Up" Apple Pie Ala Mode

As Julia would say, bon appetit!

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