Sunday, November 4, 2007

03 and 04 November 2007

Well kids, it's been a while, but you know what I have been dealing with lately. So last night was a Saturday, but I needed to cook, and I needed comfort food! I made lasagna from my mom's original copy of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It is a staple! I love her copy because it has all of the stains from meals gone by, and of course, she had all of the pages out of order! I can imagine many reasons for this...

So, Jim and I had dinner and then watched "Afterglow," a Robert Altman film starring my new obsession, Julie Christie! It was wonderful, and I urge you to get the DVD if you haven't seen it already. My obsession started when we were on our way to Asia and I watched "Away From Her," Julie Christie's latest movie. I cried like a little girl, but Julie Christie is still totally hot for an old lady! I read once that she commented that she was not a great actress, but the camera loved her. I totally agree. So we will be on a Julie Christie kick for a while!

Tonight, Sunday, we had day-old lasagna (always better). We were at the office until around 7:30 participating in a phone bank for Jack Goodwin's campaign for Canton City Council. Jack is a member of the Historic Canton Homeowner's Association, and we are trying to get him in office. Our mayoral candidate, Gene Hobgood, is running unopposed, so things are looking up for now!

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(photo courtesy of Jim's iPhone)
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