Sunday, September 28, 2008

28 September 2008

I have been glued to the television today watching the Wall Street bailout drama! I think Nancy Pelosi had those old white guys by balls. Go Nancy! This ordeal will have to be a movie one day. Maybe I could play Barney Frank, but I digress.

I have prepared this Sunday supper before, but it has been a while. Jim has asked about it the past couple of weeks, so I decided to deliver. It is a great roast chicken recipe from Cooks Illustrated. The chicken is brined, butterflied and air dried in the refrigerator overnight to make the skin incredibly crispy. Better yet, it is roasted at high heat over thinly sliced russet potatoes that cook in the roasted chicken drippings. So French! Ooh la la...

I also made some of my famous salt and pepper cream biscuits in honor of my friend Matt Porter. He loves them, as he should. They practically melt in your mouth! For desert, there will be homemade apple pie a la mode for the season premiere of Brothers & Sisters! Of course, I will be sipping some Pinot with Nora Walker.

And congratulations to our friend Jeff Brown on the smashing success of his grandmother's 75th birthday party! Congralations.
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