Sunday, December 14, 2008

14 December 2008

It's been a fun, crazy weekend! It started Friday night with a great dinner at Goin' Coastal with our friends Jeff Brown and The Cory. Better yet, I had helped my friend Zach, our client who owns the joint, with a DVD for his mother's 60th birthday, so he comped the entire meal with wine! Thanks Zach! It was a great meal, and the service was good. On Saturday, Jim and I went into the ATL. I was out of facial care products, and we wanted to see a movie. After an hour or so in retail traffic hell, we escaped to a great little Italian place on Edgewood in Downtown Atlanta: Noni's Italian Deli. It is a new place in a sketchy, but fascinating, part of town. They have a very cool bar, kickass jukebox and a limited, but divine, menu. We started with the garlic parmesan fries, and they were as addictive as crack! Very strong garlic, so we were safe from vampires the rest of the night! After dinner, we saw a great French film, "A Christmas Tale" with the (still) classic French beauty, Catherine Deneuve. It was kind of existential with modern nuances. I LOVED every moment and every subtitle. I think Jim liked it but said it was "very French." After the movie, we went to a couple of bars, and everyone was in a festive mood – even the drag queens! After a few drinks (for me), we wound up at a great dance club until 3 AM. We had a blast. Today, we did a few things around the house and recovered from last night. I decided we needed the ultimate "comfort food" to stabilize a crazy weekend, so I made old-fashioned Chicken and Dumplings! I'm not really sure what makes them old-fashioned other than the fact everything is from scratch' including the dumplings! They were as satisfying, albeit less sexy, than Noni's fries with Parmesan and garlic! Hope ya'll (homage to Southern dumplings) had a great weekend as well. I suppose I should think about doing some Christmas shopping soon, but cooking is so much more interesting...

The Menu:

- Old-Fashioned Southern Organic Chicken and Dumplings (enough said)
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