Sunday, March 1, 2009

01 March 2009

Ted Wilson, 83

Calvin, 14

We were in Fargo last weekend, so I did not prepare a Sunday Supper. We actually came home a day earlier than expected because one of our dear, sweet cats, Calvin, passed away unexpectedly last Friday night. He had been having some health issues, so we boarded he and his brother, Leo, with the vet so he could observe Calvin. The vet called to tell us that he developed a sudden massive tumor in his stomach and that it was terminal. He thought he had a few days to a few months to live, but he died later that night. At least Leo was with him when he passed. So, we came home on Sunday instead of Monday. Jim picked Leo up from the vet on Monday morning. After he got home, he got a call from his dad's wife to tell him that he was being rushed to the hospital and that he should come. His dad had some recent health issues but seemed to be doing okay. Apparently, he suffered a subdural hematoma. By the time Jim got to Georgia Medical College Hospital in Augusta, his dad was on life support. Jim's sister and niece flew in from Seattle on Monday night, and I picked them up at the airport and drove them to Augusta to say their final good bye. Jim's dad passed away on Tuesday morning. So, it has been a terribly sad week for us, especially Jim. His dad's service was on Friday, and it was very moving and fitting. There will be another memorial service in April out in Seattle. Ted was a great man, and he will be missed.

We were exhausted today, so we just hung around the house. They were predicting 2-4 inches of snow, but it never materialized. It did snow some this morning, and it was nice while it lasted. I went to the grocery yesterday, and it was a total madhouse! Everyone was buying their milk and bread for the big snow event. My mother used to make her "Snow Soup" when it was supposed to snow in Georgia. She always claimed that, if she made it, it would make it snow. It is basically beed and vegetable soup, and I made a turkey and veggie version for Jim. So I decided to make snow soup today, but alas, it didn't work! However, it was comforting and simple after a terrible week. Here's to a
better week ahead...

The Menu:

- Mom's Homemade "Snow Soup"

- Skillet Fried Cornbread

- Rice Krispy Treats (For Jim)

The Snow!

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