Monday, August 10, 2009

Day Late – Happy Birthday Dad!

Well, I am a day late for this week's Sunday Supper post! I made homemade pizza on Saturday night, so I decided to take Sunday off this week. Today is the anniversary of my father's birthday. He was a chef in the Army, so I decided to cook for him tonight...

We went to see Julie & Julia on Friday night, and Meryl Streep is delicious as Julia! Julia was my ROCK STAR! I once sat next to her on a flight to Paris! I was able to upgrade to First Class with miles, and there she sat just across the aisle from me. Of course, I was frozen with admiration! She had a couple of glasses of champagne before we took off, and then she switched to Budweiser! Way! She got up to go to the restroom, and the lady was truly towering! When they came around to take our dinner order, I told the flight attendant, "I'll have whatever she is having!" I finally got up the nerve to talk to her when we landed in Paris. I had kept my dinner menu and asked for her autograph. However, a good friend and fellow cook in Dalton had been in a terrible car accident before I left, so I asked her to address it to her. She wound up being fine, so I still regret not getting Julia's autograph for myself! Shallow, I know.

Anyway, one of our neighbors, and now a good patron at the Store at Grant Design Collaborative, brought us some brilliant heirloom tomatoes on Saturday. They were too gorgeous to waste, so I made a homemade tomato sauce tonight and served it over thin spaghetti. I had some leftover wheat bread, so I grilled it peasant style and made a simple green salad. I also harvested the first figs from my tree and made a rustic fig tart with local honey. I had a busy Monday at work, but great, fresh, local produce should not go to waste!

So happy Monday Sunday Supper everyone, and happy birthday to my dear late father.

Bon Appetite!


The Menu:

- Fresh Local Heirloom Tomato Sauce Over Thin Spaghetti

- Simple Green Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette

- Rustic Tart of Homegrown Organic Figs
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