Sunday, October 4, 2009

04 October 2009

It's been a busy, strange and beautiful week. I was in Greensboro, NC most of the week for a lecture and workshop for business and design professionals. It was interesting, and I met some great people. I also got to spend some time with old friends, my fellow designer Elliot Strunk and my dear friends of 21 years, Chris and Scott Skidmore. I had dinner on Thursday night with Chris and Scott. It was Chris's birthday, and we had a great time. Thursday also marked the day that Jim and I met in Seattle 14 years ago. It's been an interesting and great 14 years. In addition to all of this, Jim's dear and totally fabulous aunt, Theone, was released from the hospital to hospice care. She is an amazing lady, and I feel so honored to know her. She has lived her life at full speed, and I really admire her. Speaking of great ladies, Barbra Streisand released her new CD, "Love is the Answer," this week! Diana Krall produced it, and Babs sings with Diana's quartet on ONE version – exquisite! The other version features a full orchestra. Kids, they don't make them like this anymore! Perfect music for a cool, early Fall night by the fireplace...

So after a hectic and scattered week, comfort food was definitely in order for Sunday Supper! I made chicken pot pies with a side of French green beans. For dessert, I welcomed a rainy Fall night with a homemade Apple pie. Still sitting on the porch, and a gentle rain is beginning to fall. If you go away – please don't go away...

The Menu:

- Rustic Personal Chicken Pot Pies

- Simple French Style Green Beans

- Homemade Apple Pie Ala Mode
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