Sunday, April 25, 2010

25 April 2010 – The Last Supper

I have been taking a brief hiatus from Bill's Sunday Suppers. As some of you already know, Jim informed me a few weeks ago that he was moving back to Seattle after over 14 years. Needless to say, this came as quite a shock, and it has been very sad around One Britt. As my good friend Matt Porter said, "it is what it is." He and Leo will be departing tomorrow, so tonight was my last chance to cook him a Sunday Supper and our last meal together with friends on the side porch. I bought Leo his last biscuit from Hardees this morning. He has not had one for quite a while since I have been on a diet, so he really enjoyed it. For Jim's Last Supper in Georgia, I am preparing some of his favorite dishes from over the years. I've posted them here before, but tonight they will have special meaning. Cooking has always been therapeutic for me, so it is good to be back in the kitchen. There will be many more Sunday Suppers, but perhaps none as significant as tonight. Bon Appetit Jim and Leo. Go in peace...

The Menu:

- Canadian White Cheddar with Strawberries and White Grapes

- Roasted Butterflied Free Range Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic

- Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes in Chicken Drippings

- Sauteed Asparagus

- Salt and Pepper Cream Biscuits

- Thin Pear Tart with Cream Cheese Crust ala Mode

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