Sunday, June 13, 2010

13 June 2010 - True Blood

It's been a quiet, but productive, weekend at One Britt. Jeff and Cory are in the Dominican Republic to celebrate their girlfriend's 40th birthday, so it's just Jazpur and me for tonight's Sunday Supper. Today is also the last Sunday before father's day, and I miss my daddy. He was a gentle and kind man - not to mention a damn good cook! I used his secret BBQ sauce tonight for the pulled pork sandwich. It is so good. I worked up an appetite in the yard today. It has really been a lot to try to keep up the "grounds" around here, but I am doing my best. I have been working on the front circle for the past two weekends. It is right out front, but it had become unsightly. However decided to use Liriope for decorative gardening purposes should be shot! The entire circle had filled in with "monkey grass" and weeds. Jeff helped me till it all up last weekend, so I mulched it today. I found a great specimen tree for the center at Autumn Hill Nursery: my very own Metasequoia Glyptostrobides (Dawn Redwood). I dug a very large hole and planted it, so I hope it survives. The tag said "plant now, and let your kid's kid's kids walk beneath it some day." I found that intriguing, but I suppose I better start searching adoption agencies now. I have included a "before" and "after" photo for your viewing pleasure. It has also been a very hot weekend here in Canton, Georgia – upper 90s both days. Luckily, the pool was opened this week for a couple of months, so I enjoyed taking a dip and floating on work breaks. The unheated cement pond already feels like bathwater, and it is only early June. I think it is going to be a very hot summer!

As for Jazpur, he has been a dream. Whenever I am inside and sitting, he is in my lap. He's been sleeping with me and usually places his arms and paws around my neck or arm-in-arm. However, he does slightly snore, but I will overlook this minor flaw. He is sitting in my lap as I type this post.

Tonight, the Tony Awards are on TV. I always enjoy them and like to see what is current on Broadway. I read that Linda Lavin is up for a Tony, and I love her work. Most people know her as Alice from the same-named sitcom, but she is an amazing theater actress. I also heard that the Glee cast is performing, so that will be fun. In addition to the Tonys, tonight is the premiere episode of True Blood's second season!!! It is an amazing show, and the creator, Alan Ball, is a local Georgia boy! He grew up just down the road in Marietta. He is brilliantly twisted. So here's to dad, trees, food, friendship, love, Broadway, vampires, cats and quiet time! Happy Sunday everyone.

The Menu:

- Georgia Pulled Pork with "NewGene's"
Secret BBQ Sauce on Toasted Wheat Bun

- Three Cheese Baked Mac-n-Cheese

- Spinach and Gruyere Stuffed Local Patty Pan Squash
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