Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 July 2010

It is a quintessential Southern summer night: hot, still, loud and sort of sassy. It has been a fun weekend. Jeff and I went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Fox on Friday night. We had dinner at Floataway Cafe before, and it was really nice. I had never seen the musical before, but it was really amazing. The story, music, sets and lighting were divine. Today, Jeff, Cory and I floated in the pool with cocktails, and I made a low country boil for dinner. Jeff brought some fresh jalapeno peppers from his family farm, so I fried them in a pseudo tempura batter along with some fresh okra from the Canton Farmers Market. I served the appetizer with a ranch dipping sauce. We made some homemade bread to go with the boil. There was some leftover frozen Parker House bread dough that Jeff made last Thanksgiving, and I bought some fresh French bread dough from Publix. We baked them both, and they both were nice. Now, we are sitting on the side porch sipping wine, checking our iPhones and awaiting a new episode of True Blood. I will serve my sour orange pie with the episode, and the weekend will slowly fade away into just another Manic Monday. It should be an interesting week in many ways. Hope everyone had an equally dramatic summer weekend as well. See you around the pool...

The Menu:

- Tempura of Farm Fresh Jalapenos and Okra with Ranch Dipping Sauce

- Antonette's Garden Fresh Tomatoes with Olive Oil Drizzle and Meghan's Basil

- Low Country / Frogmore Stew Boil with Cajun Andouille Sausage, Georgia White Shrimp, Lobster Tails, Red Potatoes, and Homegrown Georgia Corn.

- Homemade Bread for Dipping

- Sour Orange Meringue Pie
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