Sunday, August 15, 2010

15 August 2010 - Julia Child's Birthday!

Today is Julia Child's birthday! As you may know, she was my rock star. I can't think of anyone else that influenced home cooks more than her. I have all of her cookbooks, and I've ready all of her and others books about her. Last night, I was lamenting to Jeff that I would be unable to cook tonight's Sunday Supper in honor of her birthday since I spent the day at the office writing a strategic brand road map for a client presentation this week. Jeff kindly offered to cook tonight's Sunday Supper as ah homage to Julia. After I determined that I could not talk him out of doing all of that work, we poured another glass of wine and grabbed Julia's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." We closed our eyes and blindly selected an entree, starch, vegetable and desert from the epic cookbook. Jeff did a great job and definitely mastered the art! The meal was delicious, and what a special treat to come home from a Sunday at work and have a hot, delicious French meal to devour! Thank you Jeff for such a wonderful, kind and noble gesture! As Julia would say, bon appetite!

The Menu:

- Supremes De Volaille a' Brun (Chicken Breast Sauteed in Clarified Butter) – Page 270

- Purée D'Epinards Simple (Cooked Chopped Spinach) – Page 469

- Riz (Wild Brown Rice) – Page 528

- Tarte Aux Limettes (Lemon Soufflé Tart) – Page 645

- Homemade French Baguette

Comments from the guest chef, Jeff Brown:

Wow! Getting to cook with Julia has been quite a challenge and honor!If you plan to cook an entire meal from this cook book you had better set aside your entire day. Also, when she says "use your hands" she means it. I originally tried to make the pie crust with a mixer and it fell apart. I then did as she said and used my hands and "voila!" With that said, I learned many techniques today that I will use in my cooking future. It has been an honor to stand in on Bill's blog today, and I am on my way to mastering the art of French cooking. I hope everyone else had an excellent Sunday supper. Happy birthday Queen Julia!
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