Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 October 2010 – Happy Halloween!

Boo Ya'll!

Happy Halloween! As any Southerner knows, Halloween rivals Christmas as an important holiday below the Mason Dixon, and this year was no exception. We had a fun weekend here in Canton. After a hectic week and turbulent flights to and from Chicago, Friday night was slow and easy. After a great burger at Five Guys, we came home and settled in for a relaxing viewing of Yentl. It was Streisand's Director's Cut which included many deleted scenes. Cory came over to watch with Jeff and I, and we had a nice time. It is such a beautiful movie, and that voice singing those Bergman songs.....oy vey!

Saturday included the Great Pumpkin Festival in Canton's Historic Downtown Loop. Around 1000 miniature ghouls and goblins trick-or-treated the downtown merchants, and there was a kids costume parade and dog costume parade in Canon Park. It was sweet, fun and innocent. Afterward, Jeff and I prepared for a costume party at our friend's, Chip and Gabriela's house. We decided to go as a Cowboy and Indian. Getting dressed up in costumes brings out the kid in all of us, and it was a lot of fun.

Today, I got a lot of work done on a brand war room for a new client. But I couldn't let Halloween pass without my tradition of baking a huge pan of lasagna! We prepared for all of the trick-or-treaters but had none. I think they did most of their work last night. Regardless, we had a wonderful dinner. The dinner party included Jeff Brown, Cory Wilson, the newlyweds - Josh and Kim Messick, and our lovely host from last night, Gabriela Moon (Chip was out of town). Of course, Jazpur loved being the center of attention! In addition to the lasagna, Jeff roasted the pumpkin seeds from the ones we carved last weekend. They were delicious! He also made brownies for the Yentl viewing, so I "hotted them up" and added some hot fudge and ice cream for desert. All in all, it was a stellar weekend and Halloween.

Keep it spooky real kids!

The Menu:

- Classic Lasagna Bolognese with a Southern Twist

- Spice Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

- Toasted Garlic Ciabatta

- Warm Brownies with Hot Fudge and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Quenelle
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