Sunday, April 17, 2011

17 April 2011

I've been so excited about cooking tonight's Sunday Supper! One of Jeff's customers brought him some ramps on Friday, and I obsessed about what to cook with them all weekend. Ramps are wild leeks that only appear for a very short period in the Spring. They grow wild, and foodies forage for them like truffles. They have a very strong and distinct flavor that is similar to garlic and onions. I have heard about them but never cooked with them until tonight. I love the fact that they are wild and native, so I made sure that everything I prepared tonight was from Georgia. I cleaned the ramps and made two pounds of Amish ramp butter. It is now in the freezer, and it will be great for steaks, chicken and fish. I will experiment with it on other things as well. Our local farmers market begins on May 15, so I am looking forward to some local produce this summer. Jeff's parents joined us for dinner on the side porch, and I began with an amuse bouche of baby green pea soup with pea cream and wasabi pea garnish. It set the tone for a nice dinner. For the entree, I pan seared bacon wrapped filet mignon and topped it with the ramp butter. For sides, we had sweet corn steamed in its husks and baked Vidalia onions. I made some whole grain ramp bread with the butter as well – similar to garlic bread but with ramp butter. It was yummy! For dessert, Jeff made a divine flourless chocolate torte which we served with organic raspberries and a dollop of whipped cream. All in all, a very nice Sunday Supper inspired by an indigenous wild leek.

Sweet dreams!

The Menu:

- Baby Georgia Sweet Pea Soup with Pea Cream and Wasabi Pea Garnish

- Local Grass Fed Filet Mignon with Ramp Butter

- Baked Vidalia Onions

- Sweet Corn Steamed in its Husks

- Whole Grain Ramp Bread

- Flourless Chocolate Torte with Organic Raspberries

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