Sunday, August 28, 2011

28 August 2008

All in all, it's been a great weekend, and it seems like a lot got accomplished. This was a welcome change after the past few weekends. Yesterday, we ran errands and did some shopping. Last night, I made homemade bacon cheeseburgers with oven baked steak fries. It was simple and delicious. Afterward, we watched "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. They were such a beautiful looking couple at that time. Jeff had never seen the movie, but he really enjoyed it. After watching The Help last weekend, we have been seeking more Southern adventure, and Tennessee Williams delivered.

Today, I worked most of the day writing copy and retrieving some old files. I was more productive than I thought I would be. We got some great summer vegetables at the Canton Farmers Market yesterday: okra, cabbage, red peppers, silver queen corn, pink eye peas and watermelon. We also still have some heirloom tomatoes in the garden, so tonight's Sunday Supper was vegetable-centric. I was concerned about what to prepare for dessert, but our dear friend and fellow cook, Wanda Roach, called me this afternoon to tell me that she had made me a pie as condolences for the recent passing of my baby sister, Stacy. She visited a while later to deliver a beautiful butterscotch pie – her most requested! It was amazing – mile high meringue and all! Thank you Wanda and to all of the wonderful friends who sent notes, prayers and other loving thoughts to me and our family. I am truly blessed with an amazing circle of friends and a loving and kind family.

First thing in the morning, I am off to officially qualify to run for Canton City Council in the upcoming election on November 8! I am cooking up some new ideas for meaningful change, and you can find more information on my campaign's website:

The Menu:

- Country Style Pepper Steak with Local Peppers and Vidalia Onions

- Fried Okra

- Silver Queen Corn with White Truffle Oil

- Braised Baby Ball Ground Cabbage

- Local Pink Eye Peas

- Jalapeno and Hoop Cheese Corn Muffins

- Wanda Roach's Famous Butterscotch Pie

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