Sunday, January 8, 2012

08 January 2012

The first weekend of the new year was very productive. I got a lot done at work, including purging and cleaning my office! Plus, we had some great client presentations such as a new brand identity and new rug designs for 2012. The home purging continues as well. Today, we cleaned out the office, and I want to build some bookshelves in there and transform it into more of a "study." It was fun going through all of the books and DVDs. I also found some great photos and other little surprises.

The first week of the new diet also went well. We are doing the Weight Watchers for Men program, and so far, so good. It is kind of tedious to track all the points of everything that you eat, but it really makes your aware of what you eat. Plus, you can make choices about where and how you want to use your points. I think I am down a few pounds already, so wish me luck!

Of course, the new diet is challenging for Bill's Sunday Suppers. I have started to research the best Weight Watchers recipes, and some of them don't look too bad. In fact, tonight I found a great comfort food recipe on The blogger researches and recreates her favorite dishes with WW points in mind. Tonight, I prepared her Pollo in Potacchio, chicken in spicy tomato rosemary sauce. It was really filling and delicious. I served it over roasted polenta cakes and served it with roasted brussels sprouts with a balsamic drizzle. It was a very satisfying meal and very low in WW points. Who would have thought? For dessert, Jeff made a Weight Watchers pear tart with a ginger snap crust. Yum!

Now that dinner is out of the way, it is time for the season 2 premier of Downton Abbey on PBS! It is an amazing show with great production value, beautifully filmed and expertly acted. Maggie Smith is a revelation! If you haven't watched it, I suggest you download or purchase season one on DVD. You won't be sorry!

Have a great week, and lighten up while you are at it!



The Menu:

- Pollo in Potacchio, Chicken in Spicy Tomato and Rosemary Sauce

- Roasted Polenta Cakes

- Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Maple Drizzle

- Pear Tart with Ginger Snap Crust
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