Sunday, April 8, 2012

08 April 2012 – Easter

It has been a beautiful Easter Sunday in Canton, Georgia! It was also a busy weekend in Canton's Historic Downtown Loop. We held our April First Friday, and it was another huge success. There were over 150 classic cars, and all of the restaurants were slammed. Several of our good friends stopped by the Store at Grant Design Collaborative, and we sold enough goods to pay for the wine. On Saturday, we held the 3rd Annual Easter Festival, and tons of kids showed up to hunt eggs. Afterward, we came home to do some chores. Jeff continued to clean out the pool. We finally got it drained, and the leak detection service will be here on Thursday to try to find the leak in the main drain. We shall see what happens and if the "cement pond" can be fixed without a major expense. I am skeptical but hope for the best. While Jeff was scrubbing the pool, I prepared deviled eggs for his family's Easter gathering today. It was the first time I had made them since I do not really eat them because they have mayonnaise as an ingredient – one thing that I despise. I know my fellow Southerners are appalled by this revelation, but what can I say? I don't even like having mayo in the refrigerator! The eggs got good reviews, and of course, I topped them with a little bacon for posterity! We had Easter lunch at Jeff's grandparent's house and proceeded to Jeff's parents' house for the Easter Egg hunt. The kids had a great time, and it was a beautiful afternoon on the farm.

Tonight, we came home to prepare a relatively simple and healthy Sunday Supper. For the entree, I cooked another recipe from the Liv Wise cookbook – free range chicken with orange and ginger stuffing. It was really one of the best chicken recipes I've ever cooked! I paired it with steamed rainbow carrots, an organic green salad, and fresh steamed corn on the cob. The healthy part of the meal ended with dessert. I have been craving Banana Cream Pie, so I made my first one yesterday. It was a delicious Easter treat! After dinner, we are watching a holiday classic, Easter Parade, with judy Garland and Fred Astaire! I have never seen it, so it should be entertaining.

Even with all the holiday festivities, the significance of Easter is not overlooked. As a good Facebook friend inquired this week, "you don't seem like a "church" person to me." Granted, I am not necessarily one for the business of organized religion, but I am, indeed, a very spiritual person, and I find hope in the promise of renewal that Easter represents. So, today, hope springs eternal, and during this time, I am always drawn to a performance of "He's Alive" by Dolly Parton. I recall seeing her perform this version on an awards show years ago, and it is still as moving today. Thank goodness for YouTube and for a true believer, Dolly Parton. When she sings it, she means it...

Even with a great Sunday Supper, a classic movie and Dolly, our hearts are a bit heavy tonight at the passing of our dear friends' son, Mark Mullet. Sandy and Gary's son passed away on Saturday from liver cancer at the all to early age of 44. So tonight's Sunday Supper is dedicated to Mark, Sandy, Gary and their family. Peace be with you.

The Menu:

- Pompelmo Spritzers

- Organic Greens with Organic Cashews and Simple Jar Dressing

- Orange and Ginger Stuffed Free Range Chicken

- Steamed Rainbow Carrots

- Husk Roasted Corn

- Banana Cream Pie with Graham Banana Crust

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