Sunday, May 27, 2007

27 May 2007 - Southern Sunday Supper for Mom

Well it has been a trying day! We were supposed to go to Dalton for my niece's, Kelly's, high school graduation today. Congratulations Kelly! However, I went to the office to feed the cat this morning and discovered the water line to the ice maker in the kitchen had ruptured, and the office kitchen was flooded! The water had also flooded our tenant's office, United Way, downstairs! Thankfully, the computer was okay, but all of the furniture and rugs were drenched! Jim and I spent most of the morning trying to mop and dry everything, so we did not make it to the graduation. I was scheduled to pick my mother up and bring her down to Canton for a few days, so I went to get her late this afternoon. She is a big fan of southern food, so I made a VERY southern Sunday supper for her. Here are a few photos and the menu for your deep fried pleasure:

The menu:

• Southern Fried Chicken

• Fried Okra

• Fried Squash

• Fresh "Quick" Pickles

• Sauteed White Corn

• Southern Cornbread

• Selection of Sundaes: Hot Fudge, Hot Caramel with Candied Walnuts and Hand-Whipped Cream
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