Sunday, May 13, 2007

13 May 2007 - Mother's Day

Well kids, not a very exciting Sunday supper post this week. I had to fly out to Boston tonight to put the finishing touches on a showroom we designed for one of our clients, Geiger. So, tonight Jim followed me down to Woodstock on the way to the airport, and we ate at Beetles BBQ, one of our favorite spots for lunch on Saturdays. It was a busy day. I went up to see my mom for Mother's Day, and then came home, packed and headed to the airport via Beetles. We did have an hour or so to float in the pool, so that was nice. Now, I have a little "color" for Boston. Jim's niece, Jill, and her husband, Tim, will be visiting next weekend. Jill has just announced that she is expecting, so we may have to make an exception and have Sunday Supper on a Saturday night! I know it is lame, but here is what we had for supper:

• Pulled chicken sandwich platter with Cowboy Country BBQ Sauce
• Fries
• Cole Slaw

• Pulled Pork Sandwich with Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce
• Fries
• Fried Okra (yum!)

Here's a photo that Jim took with his cell phone of the official Beetle's BBQ Beetle!

Now, off to my heavenly bed!

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