Sunday, April 29, 2007

29 April 2007

Hola mis amigas y amigos!

For tonight's Sunday supper, I ventured to ole' Mexico for some fresh and spicy summer sensations. Don't you just love alliteration? Seriously. Even though I am too gay to grill, I managed to do the chicken thighs pretty right, but I should have listened to Lori about my grill always being too hot! The Chicken with Escabeche Sauce recipe is from one of my favorite Mexican chefs, Rick Bayless in Chicago. He has two amazing Mexican restaurants, Topolobampo and the more casual Frontera Grill. The rocking Guacamole recipe is from Rosa Mexicano in New York, and now Atlanta. It is one of Jim and I's favorite restaurants in NYC. We always order the chicken in molé sauce, an earthy yet divine, combination of peppers, spices and Mexican chocolate! Yes, it is unusual, but amazing. You either love it or hate it. I CRAVE it constantly. Every time we order it, they ask "have you ever had molé sauce?" We must look like a couple of gringos who have never been out of Georgia! I spent an entire weekend making molé sauce a year or so ago. It was very therapeutic, but I used some of the water from the pot where I rehydrated the dried peppers because it was such an interesting color, but it made the sauce to bitter. Not bad for a first effort however. So here are some photos from tonight's south of the border comfort food. We are having rice krispy treats for dessert because there is a new episode of Brothers & Sisters on tonight!



The menu:

• Grilled Chicken in Escabeche Sauce - adorned with pickled red onions
• Grilled Fava Beans with Chile and Lemon
• Rosa Mexicano's Rocking Guacamole
• Nora Walker's Rice Krispy Treats

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