Sunday, April 22, 2007

22 April 2007

Well, I can not take credit for tonight's gourmet meal! Jim and I went to Chattanooga yesterday for the 4 Bridges Art Festival. Our colleague, Matt DeFrain, was showing some great new work there! We spent the night in Chattanooga with Matt and his fiancé Millie, and went out on the town! We ended the evening at our favorite joint, Lamar's Motel and Lounge, where we had some killer fried chicken around 1 am...

Today when we got back home to Canton, we had an emergency meeting for the Historic Canton Homeowners Association. We are filing a lawsuit tomorrow on the East Main Street zoning battle! So tonight, I had no time to cook, but we needed some comfort food! We wound up at one of our favorite spots, Jiffy Freeze! Yes, it is an old drive in diner, and they still come to your car, or picnic table, and take your order! They have great fries and milkshakes. Well, the milkshake machine has been broken the last few times we were there, so we let the waiter know how upset we were about this ongoing saga! The owner is afraid that she won't be able to "pay-off" a new machine before she dies, so there you go...

We ordered shakes anyway in protest, and would you believe the little ladies working in the kitchen made us both milkshakes by hand? Way! The actually hand whipped the shakes, and they were fantastic! Just what we needed after a zoning meeting where we discussed the continuing demise of our local culture and small town character! Thank you Jiffy Freeze ladies!!! You ROCK! All is well in the world, today...

Here are a few photos from our excursion, and here is what we ordered:


• Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Lettuce, Mustard and Pickles
• Fries
• Diet Coke
• Vanilla Shake


• BBQ Pork Sandwich with Pickles
• Fries
• Sweet Tea
• Chocolate Shake
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