Sunday, May 4, 2008

04 May 2008 - Derby Weekend

What a fun and wacky weekend! Friday night, we strolled down East Main Street with our friend and neighbor, JoAnne Eggleston and her son Raymond. We dined al fresco at Patzcuaro Mexican Restaurant in historic Downtown Canton (the next Decatur). Mario and Mario Jr. treated us well, and we discovered really good molé sauce right down the street! Now, I will be obsessed, well more obsessed... Anyway, JoAnne and I each had three margaritas and got all giggly! JoAnne's daughter and grandson showed up at the end of the meal, and they walked with us back home. It was real. It was fun. It was real fun. So nice to be developing a "sense of place."

Saturday was Derby Day, and we attended the "Derby Days" at the Rock Barn. The annual event is a fund raiser for the Cherokee Historical Society. There was beer, wine, and of course, free flowing mint juleps! There was a silent auction, Jim bought two trees, and a "parade of the hats." There were about 50 women in their derby hats that paraded in front of the judges. It was a riot, and the lady who won decorated her hat with a "cosmopolitan theme" – as in the martini! It was a hoot as we say down here. There was also a lot of local politicians in the crowd, so I got the scoop on who to support due to their stand on smart growth. One even asked for my support and if he could have a "meet and greet" with the Historic Canton Homeowners Association! I felt like a king maker but was impressed with how much political clout the association has gained since we started. And, of course, I love the power trip a little too!

After the derby party, which was very fun and funny, we came home to change clothes, and I tried to sober up a bit from the juleps. Later, we went over to our dear friends and neighbors, Rich and Rajayne Cordery. They have an amazing home one block over, and actually our house and their house was featured in the May issue of Cherokee Life magazine. We are so glam! On a sadder and more serious note, Rajayne's father passed away last week after an extended illness. She had a "wake party" last night, and all of her family was there, and they were great. We had a fun time, but I am not sure if my liver can tolerate another derby party and wake in one day! We ate, drank, played basketball with the kids and listened to music. It was a blast and a good send off for RJ's father.

So, Sunday was all about recovery. I had a slow morning but planted a couple of basil plants in afternoon and fertilized the hydrangeas. I am such a gardener! Jim worked in the garden all day, and I went for a very long walk. I am trying to eat better and exercise more because I have become about as big as Delta Burke! I have lost a few pounds, but it's like the Titanic loosing a deck chair. Of course I watched America's Test Kitchen in the tub this morning. They cook every dish hundreds of time, so that I only have to cook them once. It is my favorite cooking show, and their recipes are spot on. Today, they made roast chicken and potatoes in around 30 minutes. I was skeptical, but it worked. In addition, Eddie Smith, one of our co-workers at Grant Design Collaborative, brought us some of his homegrown asparagus on Friday. It was beautiful, and I lightly steamed it. It was really delicious.

So there you have it. A wacky weekend that ends with roast chicken. What more could a guy want out of life? Let's see what next week will bring...

The menu:

- Pan Roasted Breast of Chicken

- Stove Top Roasted Potatoes

- Lightly Steamed Homegrown Asparagus
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