Sunday, November 16, 2008

16 November 2008

I was in Santa Fe all weekend for the AIGA New Mexico Showdown design competition. I judged the show and gave a presentation along with my friends Gong Szeto and Terry Marks. It was an honor to share a stage with them since they are both so talented. So, I got home late tonight and was not able to cook my Sunday Supper. However, my Sunday Supper blog fan, Bernardo Margulis, posted this on my Facebook status on Saturday:

Bernardo Margulis posted a photo. 5:00pm

"Your status shows you're away. I figured that tomorrow night you'll either be too tired or won't be back on time, so I took care of Sunday Supper for you. Except I'm Jewish, so I did it Saturday Supper.

White mac and cheese with mushrooms and basil."

Thanks Bernardo! It looks and sounds delicious!
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