Sunday, November 23, 2008

23 November 2008

Well it is the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so I am getting psyched! I love to prepare the Thanksgiving feast. I've began to clean the Viking range. I started with the stove top yesterday and will run the self clean cycle on the ovens tonight after supper. Yesterday, we had our Historic Canton Homeowners Association Yard Sale. It was a fundraiser for our legal fund, and we did pretty well. We have some great neighbors, and it was fun to spend the day with them. We all bought stuff from each other as well, and I found some great treasures! The best thing was a series of cookbooks: The McCalls Cooking School! My friend Rajayne was so jealous that I found them first! I bought two other cookbooks, including the National Symphony Orchestra Cookbook, complete with hand written notes from the previous owner. I also found the strangest kitchen towel that has a rather masculine looking mountain girl smoking a pipe, and it has two raised puffy things for her breasts! Check out the photo. It is so odd, but I love it!

While working the sale, I had a long conversation with our friend and neighbor, Wanda Roach, about our Thanksgiving dishes. It made me very nostalgic for some classic comfort food, so I decided to prepare Julia Child's classic chicken pot pie for tonight's Sunday Supper! You really can't beat it on a cold, early winter night. Plus, I now have enough homemade chicken stock for my mother's southern cornbread dressing on Thanksgiving! I should be writing copy for a project, but making chicken in cream sauce with flaky pastry is so much more rewarding.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Good luck with your bird and sides!

And as Julia would say, bon appetit!
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