Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 April 2009 - Easter Sunday

It's been a fun weekend. Last night, we went to the North Georgia mountains to have our annual Easter Eve celebration with our friends Steve and Amado. Jeff and Cory also joined us this year. We had a pot luck dinner, and I baked a coca cola and whiskey glazed ham and salt and pepper cream biscuits. Jim prepared a beautiful salad. Jeff and Cory brought green beans and rustic mashed potatoes. Steve made a delicious cheese grit souffle, and Amado made a gorgeous Key West lemon pie with the most perfect meringue I think I've ever seen. We began the evening with craft hour by dying Easter Eggs. There were some beautiful eggs! One egg had to be incorporated into the post-dinner activity – which was a riot. It was great fun and total mayhem! So I have been recovering today but managed to find enough energy to clean the patio chairs. They were nasty. After cooking that big ass ham yesterday, I decided to keep it simple and meatless for tonight's Sunday Supper, so I made macaroni and cheese. You can get better comfort food than that kids! Hope everyone had a great, Peep-free Easter.

The Menu:

- Baked Macaroni with Four Cheeses
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