Sunday, July 19, 2009

19 July 2009 - Fargo Relatives

What a FABulous weekend! Jim's cousin Tonya and her amazing husband Bob are visiting from Fargo – dontchaknow! We have had a very fun and relaxing weekend at the pool with our BFF's Jeff and Cory. It's also Jim's birthday weekend, his birthday is on Tuesday, July 21. For tonight's Sunday Supper, I wanted to Thai one on with our friends and family. I prepared a Thai influenced dinner for tonight's Sunday Supper. I am posting from the side porch after lots of wine. The cicadas, fireflies and wine are superb. What an amazing night...

Bon appetite!


Happy Birthday Squirt!

The Menu:

- Thai Spiced Crispy Grilled Organic Chicken Breasts with Thai Dipping Sauce

- Black and White Sesame Jasmine Rice Timbales

- Asparagus, Carrot and Mint Salad with Watercress and Flame Kissed Peanuts

- Jim's Favorite Angel Food Birthday Cake with Organic Strawberries and Hand Whipped Cream
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