Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 November 2009 - Shafel and Shelley

Our dear friends, Shafel and Shelley, are visiting us from Vashon Island, Washington. Jim has been friends with them forever, and I have grown to love them as well. They are quite the duet! We had a wonderful weekend in the North Georgia Mountains with them, and Jeff and Cory. We rented a cabin, cooked, laughed, made outfits and played games. I just bought a new cookbook by the Lee Brothers: Simple Fresh Southern. They are amazing connoisseurs of Southern Cuisine, and I have followed them for years. I decided to cook the girls a Southern dish from their new book, so I made an updated version of chicken and dumplings. It is lighter than the old fashioned version – a cross between the original and chicken noodle soup. You actually make a thick hand rolled pasta to use as dumplings. It was really nice. I began Sunday Supper with one of my own creations, Cream of Pinto Bean Soup with a touch of super hot chow chow and country bacon crouton. It was divine. Shelly made another appetizer from the book, radish butter, and it was also wonderful. For dessert, I prepared the Lee Brothers' buttermilk cake with raspberries. Time with great friends and loved ones should be cherished and nurtured...

Hope your weekend was full of life, love and fresh experiences!


The Menu:

- Updated Fresh Chicken and Pasta Dumplings

- Cream of Pinto Bean Soup with Super Hot Chow Chow and Bacon Crouton

- Radish Butter with Assorted Crackers

- Buttermilk Cakes with Marinated Raspberries
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