Sunday, November 29, 2009

29 November 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our friends Steve, Amado, Jeff and Cory! This year's gathering was much smaller than past ones, and our other friends were missed. Hopefully, the big feast will return next year, but our smaller crowd was simply fabulous. I made the turkey, dressing, gravy and orange ginger carrot cake. Steve made a relish tray with wasabi sauce and perfect mashed potatoes. Amado made a wonderful phyllo baked appetizer and broccoli salad. Jeff made his famous pecan pie and some amazing Parker House rolls. Cory made a delicious cranberry relish with jalapenos. The meal was amazing, and I am thankful to have great friends and family in my life. The kitchen is so alive when it is shared with friends, and you can taste the love in the food. I am also thankful to have lots of leftovers! I love Thanksgiving leftovers, so I roasted an extra Kosher turkey! For tonight's Sunday Supper, I used the rest of bird number one to make Turkey pot pies! Tomorrow, we will have turkey sandwiches for lunch and reheat the leftovers for dinner. I've included photos of tonight's supper plus a few from Thanksgiving since I used those ingredients in the preparation. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wish you a very happy beginning to the holiday season.

The Menu:

- Turkey Pot Pie

- Leftover Orange Ginger Carrot Cake
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