Sunday, January 24, 2010

24 January 2010 – Prelude to a Birthday

It has been a rainy day in Georgia, so it seemed like a great day to make soup. I cooked a Tuscan white bean soup and served it over toasted Italian bread. I began with a simple spinach salad with homemade croutons and hot lemon dressing. The soup hit the spot. We went into Atlanta with Jeff and Cory last night and ate at Noni's Italian Deli and Bar as an early celebration of my birthday. It was great as usual, and I urge anyone in Atlanta to try it. Afterward, we went to Actor's Express to see a play, Good Boys and True. We had a nice evening in the big city. For desert, my BFF, Jeff Brown, baked his Grandma's coconut cake for an early birthday cake and brought it over. It is really amazing, just like Jeff! He also brought me some red wine since I forgot to buy extra last night. Yes, we can still not buy wine on Sundays in Georgia! Anyway, we always have to have what we call"Nora wine" to watch Brothers and Sisters on Sunday nights!

I watched CBS Sunday Morning today and saw a feature on Melody Gardot. She is amazing, so I downloaded her latest CD and listened to it while I cooked. She was in a very serious car accident a few years ago and was not expected to recover from spinal and brain injuries. A doctor suggested she try writing and singing as a form of therapy. Wow, it not only worked, but she is amazing! She still has to wear dark glasses because she is sensitive to light. I've included a video from her appearance on Letterman, and I highly recommend her latest CD, My One and Only Thrill. I have a busy week ahead and will be in New York City on Wednesday and Thursday for a meeting. It will be nice to be in the big apple again, even for a short time. Have a great week everyone!

The Menu:

- Tuscan White Bean Soup Adorned with Olive Oil and Pancetta Crisp

- Baby Spinach Salad with Homemade Croutons and Warm Lemon Dressing

- Aunt Norah's Old Fashioned Coconut Cake

- Melody Gardot, My One and Only Thrill

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