Sunday, February 6, 2011

06 February 2011 – Super Bowl Sunday

While I am really not into sports that much, the Super Bowl provides a great opportunity to indulge in bar food! In addition, the commercials are always a highlight for me. So for tonight's Sunday Supper, I prepared some classic game grub. I began with a sharp cheddar pimento cheese (foot)ball. I adapted a cheese spread recipe from my dear friend and neighbor, Pat Gold. She made some for Christmas, and it was addictive! Next, I prepared some buffalo chicken wings from scratch. For the main course, I made a huge pot of chunky beef and pork chili served with homemade corn chips. For dessert, I kept it simple with one of my all time favorites – rice krispie treats. I have been craving them for a week, and they seem to fit right in with the Super Bowl grub.

Jeff's parents joined us for dinner and the game, and we had a great time.
Hope your Super Bowl Sunday was a kick as well!

The Menu:

- Green Bay Cheddar Cheese (Foot)Ball

- Naked Buffalo Chicken Drumettes with Celery and Ranch Dipping Sauce

- Hearty Pittsburgh Beef and Pork Chili with Homemade Corn Chips

- Rice Krispie Treats
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