Sunday, July 8, 2007

08 July 2007

Well, not much of a gourmet experience tonight folks... Today, we took a field trip with Matt and Millie down to Serenbe Farms in Palmetto, Georgia. We had lunch at the Farmhouse: fried chicken over cous cous and collards with sauteed asparagus and okra. Yum! The chicken could have been browner and crispier, however, but who am I to complain? We got back late in the afternoon and could not decide where to eat, so we wound up at Jocks & Jills sports bar in Canton. Classy! Much to Jim's dismay, we arrived too early for the Crazy Karaoke competition that started at 8 pm - see photo. I took all of these photos with my new iPhone! Yes, this weekend was all about the iPhone, so I did not have a chance to plan a Sunday supper. Below is what we ordered. Enjoy!

Bill, the "jock"


• Politically incorrect Oriental Chicken Salad
• Diet Coke


• Southern Sampler Platter - ribs, fried shrimp and chicken fingers
• Side salad
• $2.00 Domestic Beer Special - Bud Light
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