Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jim!

Last week, I prepared a special dinner for Jim's birthday on Saturday, July 21. I even did the dishes afterwards – a first! Our friends Matt and George joined us for a quiet Saturday supper celebration on the dining porch. For the menu, I prepared several recipes from Seattle celebrity chef, Tom Douglas. He owns several successful restaurants in Seattle and was recently a contestant on Iron Chef. Jim's niece, Jill, and her husband Tim used him for their wedding reception at Palace Ballroom. The recipes were very interesting, and, of course, I put my own spin on them. The birthday cake, however, was all Georgia – caramel butter cake! All in all, a very successful and gourmet experience! I gave Jim an iPhone for his birthday, so expect a call or text soon...

The menu:

• Spinach and Asian Pear Salad with Curried Cashews and Slab Bacon
• Sake Steamed Wild King Salmon with Sake Butter Glaze
• Sesame Chili Fried Rice Cakes
• Wasabi Green Pea Flan (I added the wasabi - good call!)
• Butter Cake with Caramel Frosting and Fresh Orchids
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