Saturday, July 14, 2007

14 July 2007

Well, it is NOT Sunday night, but I did do some cooking tonight! Jim is bumfuck Pennsylvania visiting his friends Matt and Michael. Michael is in summer stock theatre there, and they are doing a drag show, oh I mean "play." Anyway, whenever Jim is out of town and I am home alone, rare occasion, I always cook the things he does not eat: red meat, onions, tomatoes, etc. Tonight, I made a classic Steak au Poivre with a French Cognac sauce. Yummy! The coolest part is when you tip the pan to flame the Cognac! Of course, it is all on YouTube by now!

Well, that is how I entertain myself when I am alone. Also sipping on a nice red zinfandel, Dashe. Enjoy the videos and stayed tuned to tomorrow's Sunday Supper. Who wants fresh Georgia sweet corn fritters? Jim will be sorry he left me alone!
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