Sunday, March 16, 2008

16 March 2008 - Palm Sunday

Well, it has been quite the weekend! Yesterday, we spent most of the day dodging tornados! We went down to the basement on three different equations as the tornado sirens blared. Luckily, they barely missed Canton but struck all around. Last night, we went to visit our dear friends Steve and Amado in Blue Ridge, Georgia. They have a beautiful cabin in the mountains, and we love spending time with them. We saw some great photos and heard some great stories from their recent trip to the Big Island. We did not get home until around 3:30 am, so today has been about recovery. We did go down to see Matt as the craft show in Marietta. As always, his work was brilliant, and we enjoyed seeing his lovely bride, Millie. So tonight, I decided to do a little Thai cooking tonight and and made some Thai chicken soup. It was good, but it got a little tepid during the food styling and photo shoot! Jim hates that but was a good sport. Hope everyone had a good Palm Sunday!

The Menu:

- Tom Ka Gai - Tha Chicken Soup

- Organic Basmati Rice

- Pan Fried Potstickers
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