Monday, March 31, 2008

30 March 2008 - Live from LA

Jim and I are in Los Angeles for the weekend. We came to visit our friends Mick and Gill Hodgson. Gill did a one woman show, "See You on the Ice," upstairs at St. Nick's Pub last night. She was great! While here, we discovered an amazing Mexican food stand at the LA Farmers Market, Loteria! Of course, I became obsessed with it. Great, authentic Mexican food and amazing place to "people-watch." Both times we ate there, the line was always long. Can't wait to return to LA and have more amazing dishes from Loteria! Until then, here is what we ate last night before Gill's show:

- Bill: Chicken Molé Poblano Tostada and Nachos

- Jim: Chicken Molé Poblano Tacos and Minted Rice

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